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A Month in Vienna

So many things that I have to recall and put into words. First things first, I have not sat at my computer long enough to want to write my blog down. I will get better at that, and I must! Living in Vienna is like living in a huge suburb to me. It's huge, it's a city, but it is so calm, and people here are friendly. The food is delicious, and I had to learn to not spend so much money having vacation fever. Since the fever has passed I been spending way less money.

When I first arrived, I was a little crazy realizing that my building had no wifi in it, and I had to magically find a way to get internet so I can be more at ease of getting the other necessary foreign temporary living documents accomplished. Which meant having a GPS so I could get that done. Fortunately, my travel buddy, Clayton, had internet so we could find the necessary things we needed to get started living in our apartments.

Next, was getting my German class started and finished in two weeks. That my friends was a challenge! I have never taken a truly formal language other than American Sign Language so it was quite a bit of a challenge to get that started! I meant many friends from all over the US, and in many different places in Europe. They are a great bunch of girls and I can't wait to partake on more adventures with them!

My Boku Buddy, Tobias (AKA Tobi, AKA Jakob, AKA etc.) has been the biggest help ever getting my registration done, and so many other things. Also, trying to teach me Viennese slang words (which I forgot again)!

I went to Bratislava for the weekend, and wow! That was quite a thrilling experience! Not so much the city their, but the fact I have taken a huge leap (literally) off a bridge. It felt sketchy going to this random bridge with all of this graffiti on it, and on a bungee chord that will swing you like a pendulum.Did I mention I have an extreme fear of heights? I cried, I hyperventilated, and I cried some more, but I enjoyed the experience very much. Though I felt very happy to be back on the bridge when I finished, and I placed myself as far away from that bridge as possible. But hey! Who can say that they just off a bridge in Slovakia!

Starting classes now, I have to say I need to learn a lot of new terminology. Especially in my soils classes, and it is quite confusing at points. Other classes are quite interesting and hands on, which I was hoping for in a class. It's just starting week three, and I will relay more information as I get a better idea of each class.

It's only been a month and it has seemed to fly by! Hopefully all of the rest of the months won't!

A Long Awaited Update

As of Thursday, I braved the long flight to Budapest, and it has been quite enjoyable. Although there are moments when I truly feel lost in translation and all. It's ok though it is just a way for me to learn different ways on communicating to people, which in the end I believe for it to be a valuable skill to learn.

On a quick note, I haven't been updating because after finals week it was quite hard to sit down and write something, and I was procrastinating up until now.

Anyways, the city is beautiful, and no two buildings up and down the streets do not look similar at all. I ate some pizza, had a couple of beers, got lost, found my way back, and took a well deserved shower. Unfortunately, yesterday I didn't explore much only because I didn't sleep for a solid twenty four hours.

Today was far more eventful! I got to explore the city, and saw the Danube River, the city market hall in Pest, and the Hungarian Agricultural Museum (Magyar Mezogazdasagi Muzeum), which was a lot of fun. I tried my first bowl of goulash, which was delicious, and mullen wine, which is a heated sweet wine served with oranges, which was great too.

I shall post more later!
With each moment of studying, I feel myself reflecting more information than absorbing as I stare blankly at each sheet of study material. It is quite hard to fathom for me that in just a couple of months I will be the furthest away from home, and at the longest period of time being away at that. You are asking yourself now as to where is this magical land that I will be off too? Well, I will be in Schwarzenegger's original homestead, and listening to the Sound of Music in the grass valley's. Any guesses? Still stuck? The answer is I will be in Austria, and at Vienna (Wien) to be exact! It's a place where I have only witnessed in the movies, and in the textbooks. So to see such a place in real life I would consider it to be a dream. I barely have a handle in German, and I don't know how I will be able to figure out all of the small details with my departure. All I know is, it is a pain to get all of the documentation ready, and many of my friends on campus have seen me run across campus with papers to be filled out between buildings. With each paper I turn in, I feel closer to this beautiful destination even with the sweat of hiking between buildings in the extreme heat or now the extreme Indiana cold. It does cause a lot of stress, but my boyfriend, Om, has been amazing keeping myself from falling apart with the stress of getting all of the documentation done.

My sisters in my sorority have nothing but amazing things to say about Wien, and to have one sister previously study there helps tremendously on getting some information together. The biggest help though would have to be an exchange student who is studying currently at my school, which is Purdue University, and is from the school I will be studying at called Boku University. His name is Nikolaus, and without him I would have no idea where to start with housing, and learning the many districts and customs that the city contains.

I will post more details later about myself and the current going's on later! Being the queen of procrastination that I am, I should be studying. I will see y'all on the other side of this week with more basic details about me, my preparation, and to my many adventures to be taking place once I am abroad!


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