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With each moment of studying, I feel myself reflecting more information than absorbing as I stare blankly at each sheet of study material. It is quite hard to fathom for me that in just a couple of months I will be the furthest away from home, and at the longest period of time being away at that. You are asking yourself now as to where is this magical land that I will be off too? Well, I will be in Schwarzenegger's original homestead, and listening to the Sound of Music in the grass valley's. Any guesses? Still stuck? The answer is I will be in Austria, and at Vienna (Wien) to be exact! It's a place where I have only witnessed in the movies, and in the textbooks. So to see such a place in real life I would consider it to be a dream. I barely have a handle in German, and I don't know how I will be able to figure out all of the small details with my departure. All I know is, it is a pain to get all of the documentation ready, and many of my friends on campus have seen me run across campus with papers to be filled out between buildings. With each paper I turn in, I feel closer to this beautiful destination even with the sweat of hiking between buildings in the extreme heat or now the extreme Indiana cold. It does cause a lot of stress, but my boyfriend, Om, has been amazing keeping myself from falling apart with the stress of getting all of the documentation done.

My sisters in my sorority have nothing but amazing things to say about Wien, and to have one sister previously study there helps tremendously on getting some information together. The biggest help though would have to be an exchange student who is studying currently at my school, which is Purdue University, and is from the school I will be studying at called Boku University. His name is Nikolaus, and without him I would have no idea where to start with housing, and learning the many districts and customs that the city contains.

I will post more details later about myself and the current going's on later! Being the queen of procrastination that I am, I should be studying. I will see y'all on the other side of this week with more basic details about me, my preparation, and to my many adventures to be taking place once I am abroad!


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